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Every one has one's own unique style, but clothing make one's personality even more pronounced. So one tries to accentuate one's style with something different. Something a  person across the street is not wearing. Indian dress designers offer something different than the standard and regular products. Moreover designer dresses are exclusively made so not only do they offer a uniqueness but also durability. Their durability means quality of the product.

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Movie stars, celebrities and the famous select designers who carve a niche for themselves with their quality clothing. Indian dress designers are much wanted by the rich as they give them a definite look that blends with the body contours and their personality. Thus enhancing the overall look of the person.

Designer dresses give the wearer a sense of pride too. Some individuals even display their loyalty to some brands by wearing only a particular brand. Today designer clothing is become more of a style statement and sent by relatives to dear ones as a gift to India . And as they are not out of reach and available to the common man more and more people have begun to indulge in this new trend. Its easy accessibility and economic price range give the common man an upper hand to posses them.

Dresses designed by Indian designers have a charm of its own giving it a classy, unique look. Indian designers use textures that have an even fall on the body. They take into consideration color, height, weight, and every minute detail to make that one dress. Women have more designer wedding gowns at hand. Simply because of the advantage of the mix and match of colors and cuts a woman can wear. The trend of heavy work on the lehnga or the ghagra or other wedding dresses is declining. Designers always engross themselves to bring out styles and designs that make the bridal couple look the best on their wedding day.

But of course it all comes at a cost. Designer wears displays a tag with a high bill attached to it. In the beginning designers could cast their spell only a select crowd. But now times have changed. Even the middle class is getting fashion conscious and don't mind giving that extra buck to gain uniqueness.

A few of the Indian designers that have taken the Indian fashion to the international ramp are Ritu Kumar, Rohit Bal, Hemant Trivedi, Ravi Bajaj and more. With due recognition there is a class of Indian designers, as they know how to maneuver through traditional wear and give it a classy flavor. Designer wedding dresses are more in demand these days. After all the wedding couple need all the attention to make it the their most memorable day.

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