Indian Jewelry:

In India, jewelry is deeply entrenched in all aspects of the cultural ethos. It has always been so, as evident from our ancient sculptures and paintings as in our modern buying habits.

Beads, terracotta,, gold and other metals, in combination with gemstones trace the history of jewelry in India.

Jewelry is looked upon as an investment in India and Pakistan, which is the reason why most jewelry materials are restricted to gold, silver and precious stones, which do not depreciate steeply over the years.

The desire for beautifying the self could not be overlooked either. As a result, Indians expanded the range of materials and the intricacy of the craftsmanship that went into making of jewelry.

Each region of India today has its own special kind of jewelry, developed by highly skilled workmen. Each style has its own specifications. For instance, north-east Indian jewelry draws heavily on animals, plants and birds for inspiration. The goldsmiths here use 24 karat gold, which is softer and therefore, more flexible. In tribal regions, gold and silver are often used in combination with seashells and beads, or ivory and animal claws.

Lace work was another intricate form of jewelry where gold or silver was drawn out into very fine wires to make up a lacy, mesh-like pattern. Further down, in southern India, most of the jewelry is chunky, solid gold and the designs are motifs like the sun and moon.
At the other extreme, the north Indian traditionally wore more silver jewelry. In states like Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh, silver headdresses are common, as is the use of turquoise, coral and other semi-precious stones.

In India gemstones have a special significance - not only as objects of beauty and valuables, but also as the source of supernatural powers.

Indian Fashion Jewelry all about bringing back to fashion some of the most traditional and interesting designs of the various cultures with the right contemporary hues. Some of the most popular fashions in the fashion jewelry segment are:

Beads and Components of Bali Silver Fashion Jewelry:
The artisans of Bali have managed to pass on the skills in silversmith and the various secrets of the trade through the generations. These creative families have passed on the traditional designs for hundreds and thousands of years. The artisans of Bali have always managed to construct their beads; pendants and other components of jewelry from silver that is mined in their regions. They combine this silver with small amounts of copper in order to form sterling silver. These components of Bali have become very popular in the Western fashion scene lately. In fact, they have become so popular that now there are a number of cheaper imitations in the market. Most of these imitations are cast instead of being fabricated by the hand.

Plastic Fashion Jewelry:
Plastic which is otherwise considered to be a cheap commodity, when designed with a fashionable stroke is converted into some of the most exquisite pieces of design. Plastic fashion jewelry is definitely making a comeback. One of the most famous fibers used to make this plastic Indian fashion jewelry is the crisp Lucite which is available in a vibrant array of colors today. Most of the Plastic fashion jewelry boasts of bright and fanciful colors, which are the perfect colors for the season of spring. These colors are added when the plastic is molten, and that is the only reason why the plastic Indian jewelry does not lose the color even when its is rubbed off. Plastic Indian fashion jewelry is usually made through the process of molding. Plastic is usually molded into a number of fun and interesting jewelry shapes, which can range from whimsical little animals sporting bows around their necks to bold Mod bangles and finger rings.

Vintage Fashion Jewelry:
Vintage fashion jewelry is also making a comeback lately. In the segment of the vintage jewelry, the glamorous styles of the 1940s are definitely a rage. The most obvious signs of this shift toward '40s fashion jewelry is the recent obsession that has been growing with feminine, draping chandelier earrings and big, sparkly rhinestone brooches.

Belly chains are a popular item of jewelry amongst most young people. In fact it is popular amongst the older people as well. Wholesale fashion Indian jewelry comes in many different packages. Some of the packages include fun, and trendy body jewelry. Sometimes in the wholesale Indian fashion jewelry stores there are sample packages with a variety of wholesale jewelry. Of course there might be other items that many people find pleasing.
Most of the pieces of wholesale Indian fashion jewelry are priced reasonably. This is because the purchase is done in bulk. In India, the fashion jewelry is marketed through fashion shows and media commercials

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